Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pumpkin Party Prize Cards

After our pumpkin carving party, I needed to send prizes to winners of our carving contest. I decided to whip up some quick personalized cards to tuck the prizes into.

I began by printing out photos of the winning pumpkins. Each pumpkin measured about one inch high.

Then I placed each pumpkin onto orange card stock and traced the outline of the face with a ballpoint pen. The sharpness of the pen left an imprint of the pumpkin's face on the card stock.

I used a marker to go over the lines of the face...

... and then I cut the pumpkins out along with some stem pieces made from green card stock.

I cut out some black ovals about the width of each pumpkin.

Then I attached the shapes to the lower right-hand corner of some cards. I used a marker to add the words, "I won!" next to the pumpkins.

Using self-adhesive photo corners, I attached the prize gift cards to the inside of each card and wrote a simple explanation on the inside using a marker.

Now I just need to send them out to the winners! I think they will be surprised to get a card with their very own pumpkins on the front -- what a fun surprise!

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