Thursday, November 3, 2011

Robot Costume

This year my son wanted to be a robot for Halloween. When he mentioned it, I knew he had some ideas about what he wanted it to look like, so I made sure to sketch a robot I was pretty sure I could make out of boxes just so that we'd be on the same page.

After I was sure it was something he'd like, we started collecting items we thought we could recycle into his costume. We set aside some applesauce containers and bottle tops of various shapes and colors. When I had a couple of boxes for the project, I set to work.

Using one box, I cut off one end using a sharp blade.

Next I cut out a notch at the top for my son's neck (I actually made the notch bigger than the photo shows - I had to make sure it wouldn't cut into the front of my son's neck), and then I added holes on the sides of the box for my son's arms.

I don't have a photo of what I did to the second box -- I resized the box a bit smaller and cut a hole on one end big enough to slide the box over my son's head. Then I cut out a rectangle on what would become the front so that my son could see out of the box. I covered both boxes with shiny foil tape from a hardware store

Then came the decorating part! I gathered a few more supplies:  aluminum dryer hose (for the arms), various colors of duct tape, reflectors, silver pipe cleaners, buttons, and a small piece of window screening.

I added some green duct tape and used silver duct tape on the inside of the head box to attach screening to the face hole.

To add the arms to the box, I used duct tape of course. I used wire cutters and scissors to cut the tubes and then I covered the ends of the tubes on the inside of the box very thoroughly to make sure the wire of the tubes wouldn't poke my son.

For the hand ends of the tubes, I used duct tape to make squares that would cover the ends of the tubes. I made the squares by sandwiching the tape together, sticky side together. Then I cut holes in the centers of the squares just big enough to fit my son's gloved hand through.

I taped the squares over the ends of the tubes using more duct tape.

To attach the head to the body, I used adhesive strips of Velcro. That way, my son could take off his head and pop a few pieces of candy on Halloween night.

After that, it was just a matter of decorating the robot as much as we wanted. I used a glue gun to attach all of the little bits and pieces we collected. Two reflectors layered on top of a couple of bottle tops served well as the robot's eyes.

My son wore gray pants and a pair of gray gloves I found for a dollar at a fabric store. I sealed up the back of the costume with a piece of green duct tape after making sure he went to the bathroom first. He was so excited with the result! And my son felt so good knowing we had reused some items that would have ordinarily been tossed in the garbage or recycling bins!

I hope your Halloweens are filled with wonderful creative opportunities!

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  1. OMG! This is hilarious! I was looking for a very practical application for duct tape, but stumbled across this one. What a creative use of hardware!