Saturday, December 17, 2011

Photo Journal (12/10/11 - 12/16/11)

12.10.11 - Resting in a footprint.

12.11.11 - Four.

12.12.11 - Nana's Christmas pie.

12.13.11 - A fan and two pillows.

12.14.11 - Rudolph.

12.15.11 - Holding down the couch.

12.16.11 - Mrs. Wright.

Birthday party, family party, pizza party, school Christmas party. It has been a week of celebrations and a week of letting go of my mom again. Emotional ups and downs; the seesaw of life! I am thankful for such a rich, full life and for all of the loving people around me who give my life purpose. And I'm thankful that life gives me such wonderful photo subjects! :)

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