Thursday, December 29, 2011

Felt Flower Headbands

After I made the felt flower pins and barrettes using the tutorials I found on Craftiness Is Not Optional, I decided to try out some headbands.

For this flower, I used a long strip of felt, folded it over and hot glued the strip together along its edge.

Then I used scissors to snip the folded edge of the strip along the entire length of the strip.

I rolled the flower into shape using hot glue...

...and then I pushed down on the top of the flower to help it lay down flatter.

The bottom of the flower is pretty large compared to the other flowers.

I glued two leaf shapes to cover most of the bottom and then sandwiched the headband between the leaves and a circle of felt.

I paired the headband with one I made previously using a different tutorial. The two together made for a sweet gift for my niece!

For more felt flowers, check out my posts on felt flower pins and felt flower barrettes!


  1. these are seriously adorable, you've been one busy little crafty beaver!! I've been pinning your pics all night! ;)

  2. :) Thanks, Dawn! Pinning has brought so many great folks to my blog, so I appreciate all of the pin love! You're the best!