Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Trees Paper Collage

It's snowing! For some of you this might not be that big of a deal, but for us up in the Seattle area, we only get snow every other year or so, so my kids are in heaven! When I heard snow was coming our way, I remembered my son had asked if we could do a winter version of our fall leaf collage. He was so excited when he saw me gather materials for the day's project!

I began by using a black crayon to draw some trees on pale blue paper. (I usually think a kid should do her own project completely, but we usually do these projects while waiting for my daughter's therapy appointment, so we only have a little bit of time.)

Then my kids went to work tearing tiny paper bits...

... and using a glue stick to add the snow bits to their bare trees.

They seemed to have a good time!

And they didn't even need that many pieces of white paper to be satisfied with their art pieces.

My son decided to add a red bird to one of his trees.

Not to be outdone, my daughter added a red bird and a couple of deer.

These pictures will be a nice addition to our decor now that we've taken all of our Christmas decorations down! Yeah, snow!

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