Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photo Journal (01/15/12 - 01/21/12)

01.15.12 - Snowy day.

01.16.12 - Brushing a monster's teeth.

01.17.11 - Snow day toffee.

01.18.12 - Mom and Dad in an igloo.

01.19.12 - Icy buildup.

01.20.12 - From snow to ice.

01.21.12 - Playing Pokemon.

I was beginning to get into a better mood about life and then I found out that my daughter's eye has lost the  vision it had. Now I'm feeling pretty bad for her. She's barely able to walk and now she can only see in one eye, yet she's still laughing and smiling...

I wish I had the strength that she has.

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