Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello Kitty Thank You Cards

It's been forever since my daughter's Hello Kitty birthday party, but I figured I should share the thank you card idea I came up with. It was a pretty simple idea this time around -- I printed out a bunch of Hello Kitty heads (see below) and some tiny dialogue bubbles I created using Word.

Then I cut them out and used mounting tape to attach the two pieces to the front of a card.

I love how the mounting tape brought Kitty and her "thanks bubble" out from the card a bit.

Simple card, but perfect for this purpose!

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  1. Im actually doing a pink and white zebra, hello kitty theme for my daughter's 3rd birthday. So my question is how or where did you get the hello kitty faces to match your daughter (the purple glasses). Because i was tring to get her bow or glasses pink and white zebra stripes. Im not very creative. Lol