Friday, January 13, 2012

Lego Head Gift Tag

I came up with a LEGO head gift tag to adorn a gift my son took to a LEGO party. Sometimes I wonder if people even notice these little details, but I can't help it -- I just enjoy the process of creating these things so darn much!

I began by going through my recycled paper scraps and chose the following materials:

  • bright blue card stock (advertisement)
  • black card stock (clothing tag)
  • yellow card stock (leftovers from bee project)
  • 1 small piece of white card stock to make a card (back of misc. card)
Other materials:
  • foam mounting tape
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • pencil
  • hole punch
  • Lego head image (see below)

After cutting out the LEGO head image (and setting aside the outer portion of my image)...

...I traced the top and the bottom of the image onto the back of the yellow paper.

*Tip: I trace images onto the back of the paper so that any lines left after cutting the image out are hidden on the back of the image after flipping it back over again.
I extended the length of both the top and bottom. This was to help the top and bottom blend under the LEGO face portion later.

Then I cut those pieces out and set them aside.

Next I cut the top and bottom off of my LEGO head image...

...and traced the face image onto the back of the yellow paper.

Using a pencil, I traced the face of the LEGO head by overlapping the image over the desired black paper and pressing hard. This left an impression of the face and no pencil marks. After tracing the eyes, I discovered using a hole punch would give me better eyes,...

... so I punched out two eyes and cut out the traced mouth shape. Then I just needed to put the head together.

I used the outer portion of my image as a guide for attaching the top and bottom of my LEGO head to the blue paper using double sided tape.

And after I used double sided tape to attach the face pieces to the final head piece...

... I applied foam mounting tape to the back of this piece...

... and then used the guide to place the head into its final resting place.

I cut the blue paper down to my desired size...

... and then I used double sided tape to secure the entire image to the front of my card and the tag was complete!
Just to let you know, I do pick out my gift bag/wrapping paper before I make my gift tags. That way I can select colors that will coordinate with the wrappings!

Recycle those papers!

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  1. Found on pinterest. Can't believe there are no comments. Cute tag! Thanks for sharing!