Friday, January 27, 2012

Rocket Gift Tag

Last month my kids were invited to attend the most fun space-themed birthday I have ever attended! And of course, we showed up with a gift tag to match the occasion.

First I selected a gift bag I could re-gift. I selected the bag first so that I could dig through my scrap papers for colors that would match the bag. I also found some rocket clip art images online (the two I printed out came from here and here).

Then I cut out my chosen image, outlined the image onto black paper and cut the black image out.

I cut the image into it's different pieces (without the black) and repeated the process above onto coordinating papers.

Then I used a regular hole punch to cut windows into the rocket and a small punch for the actual windows.

Once all of the pieces were cut out, I used double-sided tape to assemble the rocket.

The rocket was finished at this point, but when I placed in onto the white tag, I thought it didn't look very exciting.

So I cut out a silver circle and snipped the edges of the circle until it looked like a comic book explosion.

Then I attached the silver explosion to the tag using double sided tape and used mounting tape to attach the rocket on top of that.

Then the tag was complete!

The rocket tag was exactly what I needed to jazz up the bag I already had, and my kids were so excited to carry in a gift that matched the birthday's theme.

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