Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sewing Kit Jar

I made this cute little sewing kit-in-a-jar for my mom this Christmas. It was small and colorful and looked like something my daughter put together at preschool. But all of this was part of the plan. Let me explain...

Back in May, my daughter's preschool had a mother's "tea," and since I had been sick most of the year and my mom had helped out so much, both my mom and I received invitations to attend. While there, we were presented with cute little jars of strawberry freezer jam, made with love by our little preschooler. The jar was so cute and colorful, but my mom looked a little bit bummed: she was leaving the country soon and wouldn't be able to take a perishable food gift with her.

After my mom left, I remembered seeing a sewing kit jar sold by Anthropologie. Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe I could change my mom's jar of jam into a jar meant to help out in a "sewing jam."

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Once I found this tutorial by Martha Stewart I was ready to roll!

The jar was pretty small, but I managed to fit quite a bit inside of it. I also used the colorful cloth that originally topped the jam jar to create the pin cushion on the lid of the new sewing kit jar.

Then I tied a ribbon around the jar and attached my daughter's photo to the ribbon.

I also included a photo I took back in May of my mom's jar next to mine at the preschool tea.

My hope is that whenever my mom needs a pin or needle, she'll be reminded of the day when her granddaughter snuggled with her at preschool, and that all of a sudden, my mom will feel connected to all of us back home.

I love you, Mom!

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