Thursday, February 16, 2012

Foam Heart Flowers

I came up with these foam "heart flowers" as a craft for my daughter's class Valentine's Day party. It was an extremely inexpensive, clean, and easy project for the kids, and both girls and boys enjoyed the craft.

To make these flowers, we used a package of mixed green pipe cleaners (25 for 99¢), a mix of pony beads I already had on hand, and two sheets of craft foam (89¢ each).

I pre-cut all of the heart pieces by hand and used a hole punch to make the holes toward the bottoms of the hearts. Definitely use any method you can think of to cut these suckers out -- for my daughter's class of 21 kids, I cut out a little over 100 hearts.

Then the kids pushed one bead to the middle of a pipe cleaner and bent the pipe cleaner in half. Next, each child picked out five hearts and pushed the two ends of the pipe cleaner through the holes of the hearts.

Once all of the hearts were on the pipe cleaner, we pushed the hearts up to the bead and then pushed the two ends of the pipe cleaner through a second bead and pushed the second bead up to the base of the hearts.

 Then the kids fanned out the hearts... 

... and voilĂ  : instant heart flower!

 Try them out!

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