Monday, February 27, 2012

Leaping Cups

In honor of leap year, I had my kids make some "leaping cups." I originally got this idea from, but since I hadn't looked at the tutorial for awhile, I ended up doing it just a little bit differently. It still worked, so I guess I didn't completely mess it up!

Making these is simple: use a hole punch to make four holes along the edge of a cup and then tie some rubber bands from hole-to-hole across the cup opening.

Then have the kids decorate the cups however they like. My kids made birds and rockets. Frogs, grasshoppers, butterflies... whatever the kids want to make -- just let the kids know that the cups will jump or fly when they're finished with them!

Once the cups are decorated, push one decorated cup onto a plain cup, and watch as the tension caused by the rubber bands makes the decorated cup leap into the air!

Happy Leap Year!

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