Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo Journal (01/29/12 - 02/04/12)

01.29.12 - The 40th floor.

01.30.12 - Botanical beauty.

01.31.12 - Curry with the birds.

02.01.12 - Glad to be back.

02.02.12 - Therapy walk.

02.03.12 - Petting the boa.

02.04.12 - A precious gift.

I had a restful getaway with my husband, a full schedule with the kids when I returned, a battle with a virus, and a birthday. I'm feeling pretty good about life -- even though my daughter is still having problems, at least I feel like my schedule is becoming more "normal."

On another note, I'm addicted to Pintrest. I find that the exposure to creativity is making my brain light up like a bunch of fireworks. I've needed to carry a notebook around with me because I just have so many ideas all of the time!

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