Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo Journal (02/12/12 - 02/18/12)

02.12.12 - Recycled bath toy.

02.13.12 - Boy on a perch.

02.14.12 - Valentine bouquet.

02.15.12 - Hanging around.

02.16.12 - The obstacle course.

02.17.12 - Warming up in the pool.

02.18.12 - My clean floor.

We had a successful Valentine's Day! My husband and I don't really celebrate the holiday (I won't go into that), but I do remember loving the celebrations I had at school as a child, so I've gotten used to helping my kids build fun memories with their friends.

My daughter's leg is getting much better, and her appointments are finally beginning to decrease. Meanwhile, we're passing the time with crafts and Pokemon cards. I'm feeling better about life right now!

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