Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Felt Happy Hearts

This year I made "happy heart" pins for my daughter's class. These were a bit ambitious, but the end result was so darn cute! If you don't want to make these for your child's entire class, consider making one to brighten a teacher's day!

I decided to make a few colors just to prevent myself from getting bored. I cut out each of the hearts by hand while watching a movie.

The steps were simple: I cut out two hearts per pin, embroidered a smile onto one side of one heart and hand sewed a pin back onto the reverse side of the other heart. Then I used embroidery floss to stitch the two hearts together, stuffing the heart with felt scraps before sewing the heart closed.

To make the hearts easier to give out, I attached the hearts to some cards and had my daughter sign them.

My daughter was pretty excited to give each kid a happy heart!

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