Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Report "Mask"

My son finished up a fun book report project over his winter break. First, he was required to read a book, and after choosing one of the characters in the book, he wrote down the answers to several questions his teacher gave him from the character's perspective. Here are the questions he was required to answers:

What book do you live in?
Who is the author that created you?
Where does your story take place?
What are some of the things that you do or happen to you in the book?
If the author wrote another book about you, what would happen?

My son answered the questions using complete sentences, edited the answers, and then rewrote the answers for a final draft. Next he began memorizing his answers.

This week, he finished up his report by creating a "mask." The students were asked to cut a face-shaped hole into a piece of poster board and then decorate the poster with details from the character and the book. Then, after turning in his report, my son held up his mask to become his character and his teacher "interviewed" him in front of his class using the questions above.

Pretty fun stuff! My son was okay with the whole thing as long as he was able to use glitter and something fluffy for his character, Louis the dog. Sometimes I think glitter and fluffiness have super powers!

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