Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green + Blue Decorating

My husband's cousin, (my cousin-in-law?) pulled me into a discussion he was having with his wife today. He was arguing that he should be able to paint his "man cave" using green and blue, the colors of his favorite sports team, Seattle Sounders FC. Now, personally, I don't see the problem -- if he's the person spending the most time in the room, then I think he needs to be happy with the colors. I mean, I don't like pink, but I painted my daughter's room that color because she likes it and I figure that just because I said yes to the color pink in her room, it doesn't mean the color has to live anywhere else in my home.
Unfortunately, I didn't happen to have any green and blue design examples on me so I don't think anyone believed me when I said I thought the colors could work. So I came home, did a quick Google search, and all sorts of beautiful examples popped up.

(sources: hereherehereherehere + here)

In most of the successful examples, I noticed the designers seemed to lighten up the palette by using a lot of white. I think the colors are beautiful together, and clearly the owners of the Sounders agree or they wouldn't have chosen the colors to begin with!

So this is for you, cousin-in-law! May the evidence I provided here help pave the way for some green and blue goodness in your man cave!

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