Monday, March 5, 2012

Sock Bracelets

Here's an easy idea: make bracelets out of socks!
The idea came from the fact that I had cut up a bunch of socks to cover my daughter's toes when she had broken her leg. They were inexpensive socks -- about a buck a pair at Target, but once my daughter's leg healed up, I had all of these "toe hats" left behind.

I thought about keeping them for doll hats, but alas, my daughter doesn't really play with dolls. Then I noticed that the socks had curled up where I had cut them.

So I cut the socks into strips with some sharp scissors,...

... tossed the strips into a mesh wash bag, threw the bag in with a load of laundry,...

... and out came these: soft and stretchy little bracelets.

They kind of remind me of the jelly bracelets I wore as a kid, only they are soft like a sweater.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking these might also work to hold my daughter's hair back. We'll see!

Now I wonder if anyone will be able to tell they're socks...

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