Monday, April 23, 2012

Easing An Eyepatch

My daughter was instructed to wear an eyepatch to aid in treating her Amblyopia. She was a little nervous about needing to wear the patch outside of our home.

Hello Kitty to the rescue!

My daughter thought this was pretty funny. She's going to carry the little stuffed animal with her for awhile so she feels safety in numbers. "We're in this together!"

update: Some have asked what type of eyepatches we use. Pictured here is the type we found most successful, Ortopad Adhesive Pads. We tried some of the fabric types that attach to glasses, but there was always a bit of a gap on the sids, and the only way to make sure your child ONLY uses her weaker eye is to make sure the other eye is TOTALLY covered. Even just a little bit of peeking on the side can diminish the effectiveness of the treatment. This brand was also gentle on the skin and my daughter liked the designs.

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