Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pastel Dandelions

After our oil pastel "explosion" art project I decided to show my kids a more practical use for pastel lines: dandelions!

If you take a look at a dandelion, you'll notice that the flower petals look like thick lines. If you take an even closer look at the flower, you'll see that the yellow of the flower appears to get darker toward the center of the flower. Like almost everything, dandelions are naturally ombré.


So to draw a dandelion flower I picked three different yellows from my oil pastel pile that ranged from light to dark.

Then I started with my lightest yellow and made a bunch of lines radiating from a center point. Using the medium colored yellow, I overlapped slightly shorter lines radiating from the same center point and then repeated the same process drawing even shorter lines with the darkest yellow.

My son was surprised that it was so easy.

And my daughter decided she didn't want anything to do with my method. What can I say, she's five.

I actually like her's better.

*   *   *

Next time you are cursing the dandelions in your yard, at least take a moment to really look at one. Be like a child who picks fists full of dandelions because he believes with his whole heart that dandelions are as beautiful as roses. See beauty in that moment...

... and then get rid of them if you must ;)

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