Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pastel "Explosions"

My son was craving a project using oil pastels the other day so I busted out my often neglected pile of miscellaneous pastels and taught the kids how to make simple pastel explosion art.

 I showed the kids how to use just lines to make a little explosion.

Then I told them to make several all over the page.

Next I showed the kids how to use lines to make the explosions bigger and more colorful.

And I told them to continue adding color rings until they were satisfied with the result.


... my 7-year-old's...

... and my 5-year-old's.

And here were my kids' final art works.

I love how they made the art project their own. My son blended his colors together by overlapping the line rings and my daughter made her explosions into line flowers. It was a good project for introducing the "feel" of pastels -- while pastels look very similar to crayons, they have very different properties. We'll explore these tools more in the future!


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