Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Tree Confetti Collage

My kids decided they wanted to continue our tradition of seasonal tree collages. This time I decided we should use confetti instead of torn paper since tree blossoms are often much smaller than leaves.

We started by using a small hole punch to make our confetti out of scraps of pink paper. Then I drew the trees on blue paper using a black crayon and the kids went to work.

This was a pretty quick project (except for the tedious confetti-making step). My kids smeared glue stick where they wanted blossoms to appear on their trees and then they sprinkled the confetti over the glue, pressed the confetti flat onto their papers and shook off any loose confetti.

The result was a sweet reminder of early spring's blossoming trees.

They added some sunshine of course. We poor, cold Northwesterners are beginning to grow moss in our hair! Bring on the sunshine!

*   *   *

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