Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cash Drawer Shelves

My husband and I have set aside a room in our home for use as a playroom for my kids. It's the designated place for my kids to spread their toys out all over the room in their quests to conquer Darth Vader, create the most unique restaurant, or build the most elaborate contraption. And the LEGOs... we have shelves and drawers and bins dedicated to keeping the tiny little pieces organized for play. But somehow this last toy still manages to trickle into almost every other room in my home, especially the mini LEGO figures. My son loves to bring his LEGO figures into his bedroom and play with them before bed, so we've always had a  problem keeping the little pieces off of the floor of his room.

And then I remembered I had a couple of old wooden cash drawers collecting dust in my garage. My mom had picked up the old drawers in Japan when I was a baby and she had stained them and hung them on the wall to showcase all of the little treasures my dad brought back from his Navy adventures.

So I hung the drawers above my son's bed and filled the drawer "shelves" with all of the LEGO figures my son had scattered across his bedroom floor.

This solution has worked out wonderfully! The wall above my son's bed now has a piece of functional art, and my son can take down the LEGO figures before bed, play with them, and then set them back before he falls asleep. No more LEGOs on the floor of his room!

I may paint the drawers in the future, but I can't seem to decide what colors to go with at the moment. I'll post an update if I figure something out!


  1. Great idea! We constantly have all sorts of Legos all over my son's room. We've tried several alternatives to keep it clean(er) with no luck so far. Maybe this would work.

    1. We _did_ have to put up some larger shelves in our playroom to accommodate all of my son's larger Lego works. He likes to build them and then play with them and without a good place to stash everything, the sets kept falling apart or getting mixed together. Now that everything is on shelves we don't have that problem anymore... as long as my son puts things back once he's finished with them :)