Monday, May 14, 2012

Star Garland 1

I kind of have an obsession with streamers.

Really. I might need help.

For my son's Star Wars birthday party this year I decided to add a garland of gold stars to the streamers criss-crossing their way across my ceiling. Yep, I'm daring like that.

Ooooh, sparkly!

I'd been dying to do something with a huge jar of paper stars I've had taking up space in my studio. While I've loved them for about seventeen years, it was time to have the stars move on to bigger and better things.

ultra cute, multi-colored paper star goodness
If you need a tutorial for making these stars, there's a pretty good video here and an instruction sheet here.

When I made the star garland I just painted the stars with gold spray paint...

... and then sprayed them with a coat of glitter spray.

I poked a hole through all of the stars using a needle. Because I didn't have a tapestry needle, I used a folded piece of wire for threading the stars onto some black yarn. 

I love the little bit of sparkle the stars add to the ceiling for our party. And since the paper stars are supposed to be lucky, our party should be extra fabulous!

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