Monday, June 25, 2012

Hall of Mosses (Hoh Rain Forest)

Since we camped so close to the Hoh Rain Forest, we decided to go ahead and take a rainy day hike through a short but beautiful trail inside Olympic National Park: Hall of Mosses.

Really, there are no words to describe this place. It's beautiful. Just plain beautiful.

And it's wet. Hence the words "Rain Forest" in the name.

We had hiked here once before when it wasn't raining, and we always vowed to come back on a rainy day for the full effect. Boy, did we get drenched! But with a hike this short, I'd say it was worth it!

Fees: $20 private vehicle, $10 motorcycle, $7 individual walk-in/bicycle; or National Park Pass
What to bring: rain clothes/footwear, a change of clothing for after
Length of hike: less than a mile

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