Monday, July 9, 2012

Death Star Piñata

This was one of my favorite projects for my son's Star Wars birthday party: the Death Star Piñata. Now, unfortunately, I slapped this baby together so quickly that I didn't get any photos of the actual decorating of the piñata, just the assembling part. But I'll post what I have!

I started out with a soccer ball piñata but obviously any spherical piñata will do. Then I cut a circle into the side of the piñata and set the circle aside.

I had my kids load up the piñata with candy at this point.

Then I reversed the direction of the cut circle, put it back into the section it was cut from, and then used some scrap paper and glue to "tape" the circle back to the piñata. The whole point of this was to create the laser focus lens part of the Death Star. After the circle was secure and dry I moved on to decorating the piñata to look like the Death Star.

I used three colors of tissue paper (light silver, dark silver, and black) and glue for decorating the piñata. My layers of tissue went right over the original tissue smoothly. When I was finished with the Death Star, I made a lightsaber piñata stick from a thick dowel and more tissue paper and glue.

The Death Star worked well as a decoration for the party...

... and I think the kids really enjoyed smacking the Death Star with the lightsaber stick in my back yard toward the end of the party. For second-graders I recommend not blindfolding the kids as is the custom when hitting piñatas. I don't know -- second-graders swinging a stick around blindly just doesn't sound like a good idea. We lined the kids up in a half-circle around the piñata and allowed each kid two good hits until the piñata broke open and spilled its candy. Each kid ended up having a couple of turns and we finished the piñata off with a couple of hits from one of the older kids since the "force" is stronger with them. Everyone scurried around for candy when the piñata broke and we handed out some gold paper bags to help everyone to take their candy home after the party. It was Death Star-lightsaber-candy goodness!

May the force be with you and your party planning!

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