Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mario Mushroom Cupcakes

Two years ago, we threw my daughter a Mario Party for her birthday. My daughter has always been a fan of the Super Mario Brothers line of games. In fact, just the year before we threw this party, she dressed as Mario for Halloween and then shortly after this party she dressed as Princess Peach. So I figured that Mario Mushroom cupcakes would be perfect for the theme. Luckily I have this one little photo as evidence.

To make these cupcakes I baked white cake batter in white nut cups instead of cupcake liners, frosted the cupcakes heavily and rolled the frosting in red decorator's sugar. Then I added some squished marshmallow polka-dots and used dark icing to "glue" mini chocolate chips to the fronts of the nut cups to make eyes. Mario Mushroom goodness!

Thanks for indulging my trip down memory lane!

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