Saturday, July 21, 2012

Personalizing Her Cast

My daughter decided on a pink cast this time instead of purple like last time. It's not that she likes pink more than purple, but that she wanted me to be able to use more color on her cast drawings this time around. Once she returned home, she couldn't wait for me to decorate it. She was very specific about what she wanted me to draw on her cast...

Hello Kitty,

a purple flower,

Kai with a Fangblade,

a dollar,

Perry the Platypus,

if you've ever watched Phineas and Ferb you know what this is... totally her idea,

and an eyeball. A brown one. With a bow.

At least she feels like her arm has some personality now. Happy I can help make my daughter smile a little about the situation. Oh, and here's a photo of what my daughter's elbow looks like now.

Wow. Big pins, little arm. They tell me they'll just yank those puppies out next month. Sweet.

Here's hoping my daughter's arm heals up quickly!

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