Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick Family Party

Sometimes we have so much going on that I have trouble fitting everything in. I often have difficulty figuring out what to do for my daughter's birthday -- a day that always seems to get lost somewhere between the  holiday weekend and the start of school. Poor girl! Few people are around and if they are, they tend to be busy preparing for school. At the last minute this year we decided to have a small family gathering and then start a new tradition of throwing my daughter a big party on her half birthday. My daughter would have more time to build relationships and there's a whole lot less going on in early march.

That said, I still had to throw together a last-minute party with the family. All I can say is that I am truly thankful for Target. I picked up some pink tissue papers, pink plastic table cloths, and a few other goodies. Then I scoured my home for anything pink or purple (or colors that would go with pink and purple) -- sheets, blankets, wrapping paper, unused fabric, toys, hair ribbons, half-used party supplies... you'd be surprised what you can dig up to add color. And sprinkles can always "party up" a plain recipe.

I also found a set of wings at Target for a couple of bucks and I dressed up the party girl's chair by hanging the wings onto the back of her chair and adding a purple ribbon. I'll have to keep this idea in mind if I ever throw a fairy or butterfly party -- each chair can be decorated and each kid would have something fun to take home!

My daughter's only request: she wanted to have a piñata. Luckily Target also had this fun cupcake-shaped one on a bottom shelf of their party section. Seriously cute!

So to all of you DIYers out there: try not to tell yourself you don't have the time to throw together a fun and memorable mini party for someone you care about. Try to think outside of the box and spend a few hours the night before the big day to slap things together. I figure all of those nights in college pulling "all-nighters" for classes must have been training for all of those "half-nighters" I now spend on projects for the people I love. And when it's for the loves of my life, I think the return for my investment of time is worth it! Just the look on my daughter's face when she saw her magically decorated house was priceless!

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