Monday, October 1, 2012

Poppa's Apple

"Poppa's Apple," an acrylic finger painting

Ah, apple season: how I love thee!

I grew up with apples and other fruit and veggies growing in my backyard. I also grew up with a very busy dad. Often I remember my dad biting into a piece of fruit on his way out the door and then he would forget his poor fruit wherever he bit into it. I love my Pop so much and now that I am an adult, just seeing a bitten piece of fruit lying around somewhere makes me smile. So I created the painting above with my dad in mind.

I had actually forgotten about the painting until I had an apple love fest this week. Look at the gorgeous pink apple I picked up.

"Pink Pearl" is this sexy little number's name.

And the inside of the apple is pretty, too!

Juicy, reddish, goodness!

On another apple note, one of our young apple trees finally grew an apple. Yes, that's right, one apple. But you would've thought we had won the lottery by the way my son reacted to being able to pick the darn thing off of our very own tree in our very own backyard!

We're so proud!

Hooray for apples!

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