Thursday, October 25, 2012

Foongus Amoonguss

I'm so happy: I have completed my kids' costumes! What's really amazing is that I'm actually finished a couple of days early -- anyone who knows me and my tendency to procrastinate know this is quite a feat!

What are they exactly? Well, my daughter is a Foongus and my son is an Amoonguss, two minor characters from the most current Pokémon series. After months of hashing out ideas, on the first of October (the deadline I gave my kids for costume ideas), the two of them decided together that this was the route they'd like to go this year. For about a week I panicked over how I was going to make this happen and then a week and a half ago I decided I better get them started.

I ended up using paper mache for the mushroom tops and fists, and stretched and stapled white jersey fabric onto cardboard for the underside of the mushroom tops. I sewed (yes, I actually sewed -- something I've done only a couple of times now) the bodies out of fleece after taking my kids' measurements and I added a drawstring to the bottoms of their costumes. I added bulk by tacking tulle to the inside of each costume. Sorry, I don't have a pattern, I just winged it. Since I wanted my daughter's costume to have a hint of femininity, I made a sparkly green tutu with pointy tulle strips to simulate grass. The lips are just made out of stuffed pink tights that I hand sewed onto the costumes.

I finished the costumes off by dressing my kids in white long-sleeved shirts, white gloves, black pants, and black shoes, and I added white face makeup around their eyes. Luckily October in the Northwest is pretty chilly so these costumes shouldn't get too hot for the kids as they run around trick-or-treating. And as a bonus, the kids kind of have built-in umbrellas! ;)

I highly recommend going through a trial run a couple of days ahead of your event -- you never know what kind of details you might have forgotten! As for us, I think we're ready to roll!

I can't wait for Halloween to get here!

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