Friday, November 23, 2012

Kid-Designed Thanksgiving Table

As I said earlier this week, my six-year-old daughter was in charge of decorating our table this year for Thanksgiving. She had a $10 budget and could use anything in the house to help her with her vision. And here's the finished product:

I think she did a wonderful job! I helped her by getting out everything she needed -- like the dishes and a box of linens for her to go through. I spray-painted the pumpkins for her when she asked, lit the candles before the meal, and helped her figure out how to make the pilgrim hat. Everything else is totally her work and I didn't move a thing once she was finished. And she was so proud of herself when we all sat down for dinner!

Look here to see where she got some of her ideas!

Great job, Baby Girl!

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  1. lovin' this cute blog!!

    can you tell me where you got the linens? the one on top is gorgeous!!