Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wedding + New Baby Card

Recently our friends from New Zealand came to the area and we were able to celebrate their marriage and the birth of their daughter. The card I made for them was simple and only worked because the letters in their names were perfect.

Their names basically intersect to form the best answers to a crossword puzzle ever! Plus, the "o" in their names provided the perfect opportunity to add a heart.

I panicked a little when I couldn't find an envelope that would fit the card, and then I remembered that I can actually make my own envelopes. Duh! So I dug up an old atlas page that I thought would be the perfect size for the card and made the envelope.

As a happy coincidence, I found that the atlas page I used happened to form an envelope with the location of the couple's wedding on the front. One of those tiny dots in the ocean is Samoa. Score!

Then when I sealed the envelope I noticed that the back of the envelope had both New Zealand and Seattle, the couple's homes. Double score!

So I finished the envelope by joining the places with rough colored pencil marks and called the card done.

Sometimes an idea comes together in ways I never could have planned. But I never would have noticed the little coincidences that led to opportunity if I hadn't been open to them. Opportunities are all around us; keep your eyes open and your heart willing and they will unfold before you like the petals of springtime blossoms.

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