Monday, January 7, 2013

The Summit Tubing Center at Snoqualmie

We Western Washingtonians don't get a lot of snow. To fill my kids' need to eat snow (which they insist is a genuine need), we decided to try out The Summit Tubing Center at Snoqualmie that everyone has been talking about.

Seriously fun!

The twelve sledding lanes are right there when you get in. You have two choices when you get to the bottom: you can wait in line and save some energy by allowing the tube tow to drag you up the hill, or you can walk up the hill. My daughter (and Lucky) liked being dragged up, but my son liked walking to save time.

For two hours it's just walk/tow, sled, and repeat. Tubing heaven!

When we were finished, we sat on the tailgate of our SUV and ate some actual food to go with all of that snow.

And we played in the snow a little bit more near the ski runs.

I think we have officially gotten our snow fix for the month!

Fees: $5-$23 depending on age and time slot
What to bring: snow gear, snacks/picnic for after, NO OUTSIDE SLEDS/TUBES ALLOWED
Distance from Seattle: 52 miles (55 minutes)

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