Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hermione Granger Costume

Not to be outdone by my son's Harry Potter costume, my daughter was determined to be a convincing and cute little Hermione Granger for book character day. But I had a little trouble figuring out how to accomplish a plain clothes version of Hermione. I mean, other than Hermione's curly hair, what else might tip someone off to who my daughter's story character was. Then I decided my daughter should carry a big book around, specifically, a book Hermione is known to reference regularly. I chose Hogwarts: A History.

I picked up a fancy looking book at Goodwill and I decided I'd paint it. But first, I cut out the inside of the book to lighten it up. If my daughter was going to carry the book around, it had better be light enough!

Yes, it looks like a book safe, only rougher since I planned to glue the book shut anyway. I ran glue around the inside edges of the newly cut pages with a paint brush and then around the outside edges as well before gluing the entire book closed. My husband has informed me he will rip it open again and turn it into a book safe since he's always wanted one. Who knew?

I taped off the front and spine with painter's tape, painted a coat of gesso to prime the surface and then followed the gesso with two coats of black acrylic paint. The I printed out words and a Hogwarts crest and used white transfer paper to transfer both to the surface of the book. I went over the design with gold paint and sprayed the book with a sealant.

I curled my daughter's hair, dressed her in a collared shirt and sweater, and with her new book and her wand, I think the costume looked pretty good!

I think I'm enjoying reading week more than my kids!

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