Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mustache Valentines

My kids aren't allowed to bring candy to school for Valentine's Day. So this year I decided I'd get on the mustache bandwagon by making some fan-stache-tic valentines for my kids to share with their friends.

I printed out a bunch of paper mustaches sized down from a mustache template found here and I cut them out. Then I used double sided tape to sandwich inexpensive bamboo skewers between two mustaches. A clean pair of pruning shears came in handy for cutting the pointy ends off each skewer. 

After figuring out I'd have to tape the mustaches to each card (you can print my cards using the graphics below), I used a small hole punch to add a couple of holes through which I added a knotted ribbon. Really I just did this to make the card look a little prettier -- the tape kept the sticks in place far better than the knotted ribbon!

There you have it: mustache valentines! One style reads "I mustache, will you be my Valentine?" and the other reads "Have a fan-stache-tic Valentine's Day!"

I hope your Valentine's Day planning is smooth, fun, and fan-stache-tic, too!

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