Saturday, March 16, 2013

2-Minute Princess Leia Costume

What's a girl to do when she finds out her daughter can wear a costume to the Star Wars party she will attend tomorrow morning? Get creative, of course!

My daughter wanted to be Princess Leia for her friend's party. She already had some nice long brown hair to work with, so the side buns were easy. Then I slapped together my 2-minute version of a Princess Leia costume using an old sheet and a metallic belt. My doodle below pretty much sums it up: fold, fold, cut, unfold, belt.

There you go.

I think putting my daughter's hair into buns was the hard part. Seriously, though, who wants to spend a ton of money or time on a costume that your kid will only wear for two hours? Not me, that's for sure!

If you want to do an adult version of this, adjust the sheet dimensions as necessary.

Sheets are awesome!


  1. Thanks! This is just what we needed!

  2. I cannot tell you how ADORABLE your illustration is. I have SCOURED the internet looking for insporation on how to make a Leia costume from a white sheet. I have Z.E.R.O. creative talent, but I was convinced I could cut a hole in a sheet, wear the buns on my head and look enough like Leia to get by. You have SAVED ME! Thank you, and your daughter is adorable! :)

  3. Thankyou what to to use instead of sheet though?

  4. wow really cool blog :)

  5. Love this idea! I'm in the process of making it for my daughter.

  6. Fantastic! We have movie character day for Homecoming spirit week and I needed an affordable and easy way to make my daughter into Princess Leia. This is awesome.