Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Half-Birthday Party

This month we hosted a party for my daughter's half-birthday. Several parents asked me about my reasoning and they all thought it was such a good idea that I decided I should share it with you.

My daughter's birthday falls during a difficult time of the year: the beginning of September. Most years, the weekend before her birthday is a holiday weekend and lots of folks like to be out of town. And with her birthday falling at the beginning of the school year, my daughter usually doesn't know her classmates very well yet. We originally thought that maybe we'd wait until the beginning of October, but then Halloween activities began to pick up, ...then Thanksgiving... and Christmas...

 So we decided to scrap all idea of celebrating with my daughter's friends until her half birthday.

We still had a small family get-together close to my daughter's birthday, but her friends seemed just fine celebrating her half-birthday instead. And several parents who have children with summer birthdays have decided they might just have to steal the idea for their own kids some day!

Happy Half-Birthday, Baby Girl!


  1. Cool! I've never heard of a half-birthday celebration. I think that's a brilliant idea, if that's the only way and perfect time you could better celebrate her birthday. So, what was the theme of your daughter's birthday party? It's seems like a fun party, with lots of games and activities to enjoy. Anyway, belated happy half-birthday to her. -Nita Digirolamo

  2. Lovely - my brother always lost out to Christmas because his birthday is December 24th. My Mum always arranged a half-birthday for him on June 24th. We called it his Un Birthday like The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland... he celebrated hi 44 and a half-th birthday last year! though now it's more a big family barbeque than a run around the garden in vest and pants.... Thanks for a lovely blog. Jane UK