Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shin Guard Sock Covers

This is my daughter at the end of soccer practice.

Below is my daughter wearing the same shin guard socks. The difference? Colorful covers!

 You see, we had a problem. We love this type of shin guard for little ones because they are comfy and they keep the guard in place. But they are really hard to keep clean! Don't the makers understand that kids get messy?!? Talk about stains! Plus the sock part is so bulky, there's no room in the shoe for another pair of socks over the guards to protect them.

So I came up with a solution: adult socks. I simply went to Target and picked up some inexpensive knee high socks and cut the feet off of them.

I slip the cut adult socks over my daughter's shin guard socks and they help keep them cleaner (and they cover up all of those stains)! Although the ankles are still a little exposed, people don't notice them. Bonus: my daughter can put a little personality into her uniform by changing out her sock covers as she pleases.

She's a happy girl!

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