Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nerf Gun Party

My son wanted a Nerf Gun Party, so I provided!

We had orange and green snacks and cupcakes because I separated the boys into two teams, 

orange team...

and green team. As you can tell, I removed fragile items and moved my furniture around to make certain rooms team bases. Those big pieces of plastic are just lengths of plastic tablecloth from inexpensive rolls. I hung them from the ceiling by putting small pieces of tape on the corners to strengthen them, punched a small hole in the tape, and hooked the holes onto tiny removable hooks.

Some rooms were off limits and I marked those with danger tape from a hardware store.

The boys had colored T-shirts to identify which team they were on. Then they played several games of Nerf Gun Capture the Flag. Basically, if someone got hit by a bullet, they had to run back and tag their base.

Eye protection from the hardware store was useful, too!

There were sweaty boys and smiles all around! My husband even joined the battle a few times.

Such a wild and fun time!

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