Thursday, August 1, 2013

Koko Crater Railway Trail

I love hiking, and when I found out we were vacationing on Oahu, one of the first things I did was search for hikes around Honolulu. Koko Head was the hike that intrigued me the most, so when we found we had a free morning, we decided to give it a go.

The hike follows an old railway straight up Koko Head. When we began, the trail didn't seem that long -- we could easily see the end. But after awhile, we realized this trail was way longer, and more tedious, than we first thought!

Not far from the bottom, the views are already amazing, so if you ever hike this trail, make sure you pause long enough to look around you.

Eventually, the ground drops from under the railway for a small portion of the trail. We found ourselves using any means necessary (like on all fours) to safely cross the expanse. From what I understand, there is a trail just to the right if you would like to bypass this bit of rails.

Once across the "bridge" I noticed the trail began to get more steep. This was the section where I needed to pause more frequently as the steps grew higher... and I'm a short little woman!

1100 steps total, and we reached the top! We ended up with a rainy cloud layer right above us, but we could see just enough around us the make out what lay beyond.

After a short break, we turned back around and began our descent. At this point we were actually inside the clouds.

But after a short while, we found ourselves below the cloud layer again and we could see the trail stretching into the distance.

We saw several people on the trail scooting down on their butts one step at a time, so if you find the need to do so, you are definitely not alone!

Just don't forget to look around you as you go down! Beautiful!

Overall, a short but surprisingly tough hike! Hopefully I can do it again some day in the future when the sky is more clear!

Fees: none
What to bring: water, a snack, sunscreen
Length of hike: 2 miles, roundtrip

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