Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pacific Beach State Park

Pacific Beach State Park was the first place we took our kids camping. We had such a good time that we decided to come back again in the future and to make our campsite reservation early enough that we could get a site next to the beach. This year we finally followed through!

We also knew that there is good kite flying on this beach, so we brought our extensive kite collection from around the world and tried them all out.

We also added a few new kites to the mix.

When the tide went way out in the morning, we felt like we were walking on another planet. The seagulls were the only other sign of life.

Basically, we spent the whole time kite flying,...

digging in the sand,...

and looking out over the ocean.

The weather was unpredictable and a fire ban prevented us from having a campfire on the beach like we wanted, but overall, the relaxation factor totally made up for it!

Fees: $25-$45/night
What to bring: Rain gear, sand toys, kites, bathing suits, and camping essentials
Sights nearby: Ocean Shores, Seabrook

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