Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hug Point State Recreation Site

Since we're staying in Cannon Beach for an entire week, we decided to head South and check out some other sights nearby. Our first stop was Hug Point.

Hug Point packs a lot of interesting sights into a short hike. There's a waterfall pouring out onto the beach (although it was pretty small when we were there),

a couple of caves to explore,

and, most notable, the old "road" that hugged this particular bit of rock jutting out onto the beach. 

Pioneers and stagecoaches traveled this section of the coast on the beach itself, and in this little bit of beach, well, there isn't any beach. So some of the rock was blasted away to make a road.

But this road is only accessible at low tide.

Some of the wheel ruts are still visible in the rock below.

And then the road spits back onto the beach again.

It's a beautiful beach. One could just keep walking. Keep in mind, though, that once high tide hits, you might be stranded for awhile.

Our kids liked the smooth, untouched sand of early morning. It's days like this that I'm glad they are morning people!

Fees: none
What to bring: shoes that can get wet, knowledge of the tides
Length of hike: 1 mile, roundtrip

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