Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oxbow Organic Farm

Well, we've been homeschooling for only about two weeks, but when I found out about a trip to Oxbow Organic Farm that was organized by one of the homeschool groups around here, I jumped at the opportunity. My son has expressed interest in organic farming after all.

There was a guide who led my son around the farm, teaching about what the farmers do there.

The kids picked fresh vegetables from the earth and ate them after a quick rinse.

They learned about composting and worm bins.

And they jumped around the House o' Hay like a bunch of wild monkeys.

Afterward, the kids were able to pick a sugar pumpkin from the pumpkin patch to take home.

I think the visit was a success! My son is still in the process of deschooling, so this was the perfect stress-free learning opportunity for him. Thank you to Oxbow Organic Farm!

Fees: we paid $8 as part of our group, the pumpkin was included in the price
What to bring: boots to get muddy, a rain coat, extra $ to spend at the stand
Distance from Seattle: 24 miles (35 minutes)

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