Friday, November 14, 2014

The New Member(s) of Our Family

So you know how we thought we were getting one Havanese puppy? Well, that didn't work out.

We got TWO Havanese puppies.


Yes, TWO Havanese puppies. Which is fine, because we originally wanted to get two puppies, but only one was available at the time. Then, early last week, we were told that one of the other reserved puppies was suddenly available. We jumped at that opportunity in a flash!

So allow me to introduce you to our new little girls, Cocoa,...

... and Honey.

I tell people they're like teddy bears. Cute little sleepless, peeing, fluffy teddy bears.

And we love them so!

We purchased our Havanese through Blessing Acres Havanese. Very professional and caring breeders, and their dogs are gorgeous and super intelligent. No, I did not get a discount or a free puppy for saying that. :)

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