Thursday, July 9, 2015

Franklin Falls (Summer)

I wanted an easy hike and the trail to Franklin Falls delivered!

Most of the hike is wide, flat, and well maintained.

The trail rolls gently up and down through a thick forest,... 

... and has several peek-through views of the Snoqualmie River's South Fork. The water is crystal clear and a beautiful blue-green color.

The trail opens up to Franklin Falls, and then we followed a narrow walkway carved into the rocks down to the falls. This bit was the trickiest, but we managed. I imagine it would've been more difficult had the rocks been wet. I suggest hikers use caution if they choose to head down below.

Since we arrived early, we had the falls to ourselves. Pretty nice!

Such a great area for the kids to explore and play! I think we'll try to come back in the winter!

Fees: A Northwest Forest Parking Pass is required - $5/day, $30/season pass
What to bring: water, a snack, a towel and bathing suit if you plan to swim
Length of hike: 2 miles, rountrip

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