Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lodge Lake

I came across the hike to Lodge Lake as I searched for shorter hikes for my family to try over the holiday weekend. It turned out to be the perfect hike for our free Summer day!

The hike started out on a trail through a forest, then openedup quickly into the cleared area running beneath the ski lifts of The Summit ski area. This portion of the hike grew hot under the Summer sunshine, but the views of the surrounding mountains were breathtaking!

Then the trail led into an area thick with brush,...

... before passing the first lake on the trail, Beaver Lake.

There were snacks along the way -- bushes heavy with salmonberries and huckleberries.

Although the trail is shorter, it rolls up and down quite a bit and is quite uneven and rocky in some areas. We were surprised by the leg workout it gave us.

The trail to Lodge Lake branches off of the main trail and the only reason we found the way was that we happened to see a small sign on a tree by the trail.

Once at the lake, my daughter took off her shoes and waded for a bit before our snack.

The bottom of the lake is mucky. I didn't venture in. But the view was peaceful.

The hike back out is just as rewarding as the hike in. There is just so much to see in this area!

A great hike for beginners with higher fitness levels!

Fees: A Northwest Forest Parking Pass is required - $5/day, $30/season pass
What to bring: water, a snack, a mini towel if you plan to get wet
Length of hike: 3 miles, rountrip

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