Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mount Roberts Trail

After taking the Tramway up Mount Roberts, we were at the perfect starting point for a hike toward the summit of Mount Roberts.

The upper portion of the Mount Roberts Trail starts at the Mount Roberts Mountain House and heads into the rain forest surrounding it.

Pretty quickly, the trail opens up to views of the surrounding mountains.

The trail climbs through a sub-alpine meadow overlooking Juneau and the Gastineau Channel below.

We saw and heard several Marmots along the trail,

and I wish I knew more about Geology, because the rocks were so interesting!

My kids added a little rock stack among others beside the trail.

After we felt we had gone far enough, we took a break for a snack and looked around us.

Going back down, the clouds lifted a bit and gave us a better view up and down the channel.

A big thank you to our friend, Alaska Dad, for taking us on this breathtaking trail! He's full of fantastic ideas for family adventures in Alaska!

Fees: $16-$33 if you take the Tramway up to the Mountain House
What to bring: layered clothing, rain gear, good boots, water, a snack
Length of hike: 2 miles up to the Mountain House (one direction), 2.5 miles from the Mountain House to the summit (again, one direction)

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