Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mount Roberts Tramway

Even though it was rainy, we decided to head up the Mount Roberts Tramway.

When you go on the Tramway, you get a tram stamp. Don't worry, it's not permanent. And it's a little bit cramped on the ride up. Luckily there was a fun gentleman inside telling stories and leading a song with a drum.

Did I mention it was rainy?

When we arrived at the top, the clouds were just high enough for us to get a view up and down Gastineau Channel.

We quickly went to take a look at the resident Bald Eagle at the little Raptor Center located just outside the main building. She's a pretty! The poor girl is blind in one eye. 

Then my kids got distracted by the bushes nearby.

Apparently July is wild blueberry season in Alaska!

When we took a peek inside again in the gift shop, we stood and watched Tlingit carvers, Doug Chilton and his son, Michael, working on a Totem Pole. I guess if you look excited enough, they will let you have a try, and my daughter did just that!

If you take a close look around outside, you might see other traces of the Tlingit people.

You never know what you might see!

Price: $16-$33 all day pass
What to bring: rain gear, binoculars, a camera
Activities: sightseeing, hiking, Raven Eagle Gifts & Gallery, Nature Center, Juneau Raptor Center, Timberline Bar & Grill, Chilkat Theater

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