Monday, August 24, 2015

Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail

Just as the name implies, the trail stretches along a portion of what was once the Historic Columbia River Highway. It is still paved and weaves as it follows the contours of the mountain beside it.

The trail from Viento State Park westward has peak-through views of the Columbia River.

The trail ends at Starvation Creek.

To the left of the creek is a narrow, undeveloped trail that leads up to Starvation Falls.

You can literally stand under the waterfall like it's a cold shower. I actually saw someone do it.

I, on the other hand, preferred seeing the falls from a little farther back. The water was COLD!

The paved trail up Starvation Creek was an easy hike, but the less used trail to the foot of Starvation Falls is much more difficult. I only recommend it if you are more able-bodied and prepared to get a few scrapes or a little wet.

Fees: $5/day use, $30/season pass
What to bring: water, a snack, a towel/bathing suit if you plan to get wet
Length of hike: 4 miles, roundtrip to the west from Viento State Park. This is just one of three sections of the trail, and it is the shortest of the three. 

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